Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday - Bonus Edition - CIRCUIT

Newsflash: carrying grocery bags full of Cheeto's and two liters to your car is not strength training! Here's a circuit that will lift your ass and blast your fat. Just grab two 5 lb. dumbbells, a chair, yoga mat, towel, and plenty of H20.

Start by stretching your soon-to-be buff muscles. Raise your arms above your head and across your chest to stretch them out. Get into lunge position and do a deep Runner’s Stretch. Bend over and touch your toes to stretch your Hamstrings. Then, run in place or jump rope for 2 minutes. Now you're limber!

Core – Basic Crunch, Bicycle Twist, Lying Leg Raises
Circuit 1 – Static Lunge, Mountain Climbers
Circuit 2 – Jumping Squat, Bench Dips, Chest Press
Circuit 3 – Dumbbell Chest Fly, Lateral Shoulder Raises, Jumping Jacks
Circuit 4 – Push-ups, Shoulder Press, Tricep Kick Back

Repeat the circuit twice at 15-25 reps each, resting for a MAXIMUM of 30 seconds between each exercise. Do this twice a week and you'll be ready to throw out all your fat jeans in no time!

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